Did You Know?:

In 2007, the U.S. mint began producing millions of dollar coins, depicting the former Presidents of the United States. The plan was to depict every president dead for at least two years on a coin to rejuvenate the public's interest in dollar coins after the Sacagawea line failed to do so (the Sacagawea coins were themselves a response to the unpopularity of the Susan B. Anthony dollars). Just as its predecessors, the Presidential $1 coin program failed to gain the favor of the populace and, in 2011, the decision was made to cease production of the coins for circulation as nearly 1.4 billion of the coins were sitting unused in the vaults of the Federal reserve. From that point on, only a limited number of coins were produced exclusively for collectors, with all presidential dollar coins for circulation ceasing production. Though they have minted coins through Ronald Reagan, only those through James Garfield were produced in numbers for general circulation. Strangely enough, 39 coins were released even though there were only 38 people who had served as Presidents (and were dead) - Grover Cleveland got two coins for his two non-consecutive terms.

To accompany the Presidential dollar coin program, a First Spouse program coin program was also created which memorialized each President's First spouse on a gold $10 coin (this denomination of currency is called an "eagle"). For Presidents without a spouse, images emblematic of their Presidencies are shown in place of a First Spouse. Just as her husband received two dollar coins for his non-consecutive terms, as did Frances Cleveland receive two coins for hers.

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